Best Website Builders for Wedding Websites

Best Website Builders for Wedding Websites


Having a successful wedding is everyone’s dream. There is a lot of information that needs to be communicated to the guests, but unfortunately, the invitation card is not sufficient to provide all the details. With the world of technology, things have been made easy as one can have a wedding website. A wedding website which is commonly referred to a wedsite is a site that all relevant information regarding a wedding can be uploaded. Many wedding websites tend to serve similar purposes with some few exceptions. A wedding website should be able to serve the following essential functions:

  • Video and Music uploads
  • RSVP Management
  • Photo Albums
  • Sending Emails

Every basic wedding website should support the above key things. Here are the best wedding websites builders for you to try out.



WeddingHappy is a free app that offers wedding assistance and guides on how to do some challenging tasks in the process of wedding planning. It has some features that most people like. Some of the special functions in this app are the deadline reminder alerts. It will enable you to plan your wedding smoothly without failing to meet any deadlines be it bookings, sending invitations to guests, hiring a band among other tasks in your wedding plan. You can also share events with other interested parties in your marriage using the same app. When using this app, you do not necessarily need a wedding planner for it serves the purpose perfectly.

It only needs $7 to have the website. The stamp does all the basics of an ordinary wedsite plus perfection in it. The website has a feature for sending invitations to your guests as well as attendance confirmation. The menu is included in the website among other impressive features that will make your wedding colourful and memorable. The features of this website are:

  • Video and Music uploads. You will be able to add videos and music to this wedsite. Your guests too can add their favourite music that will enhance the tone for the wedding.
  • RSVP Management. You will be able to know the number of guests as well as managing correctly according to your wedding plan.
  • Photo Albums. This is an essential requirement for all wedding apps, but for this website, the photos uploaded are of high quality with clear resolutions.
  • Sending Mails. For your convenience, the website will enable you to send emails directly to guests.



Appy Couple

Appy Couple is one of the best wedding sites that many people have endorsed in reviews. The theme and design of the website will give you that feeling of an environment of marriage. To get the site for wedding preparations, you will only have to part with $39 for boutique collection or $89 for a luxury collection. The choice depends on your budget and preference. Using this app, you will be able to get all photos taken by guests using the app as they go directly to your gallery.

Whenever you need to invite some special guests in individual events such as pre-wedding or rehearsals, the app will be there for you.

The other feature that many like from the app is the ability to share photos with friends and guests thus avoiding the annoying behaviour of posting photos on Facebook and tagging everyone.

There is a provision of either free or premium use for this wedding website. For the premium package, the charges are just $7 per month. There are unique sections on the site such as “Our Story” where you can share your love story, how you meet among other information. There is a music section, a section for quizzes regarding your love story, among other essential features. For the premium version, you will be able to add your domain name, send texts among other options with the best part being the absence of the eWedding logo which is there for the free version.

The website has enabled several features such as

  • RSVP management list
  • Travels and directions
  • Special requests-including requesting music to the Dj
  • Shared Timeline
  • Blogs
  • Video sharing



This wedding site is ideal for everyone regardless of the budget. With both free and premium version, you can’t miss the fantastic chance to colour your wedding. If you need a domain name, you can get it a price of $15 which will last for one year after registration. There is also an option of using your domain if you have one.

The Features include:

  • Ability to invite and manage your guests. The app will enable you to send direct mail invitations to your intended guests as well as reminders for the big day.
  • A link to the Facebook page.
  • Ability to upload photos directly to Instagram with hashtags-you will be able to share the moments with friends by sharing excellent photos and video via the social media platforms.
  • Sharing your Story. In this platform, you can share your love story for everyone to read and know more about you before the wedding day.


Wedding Planner LadyMarry

The website is a Do It Yourself planning site. The best thing about this website is that there are no charges to use this app. With this app, it becomes easy to track and manage your budget. In addition to that, you can get vendors through the app such as stylists, professional photographers, and caterers among other services that you may require. The app is designed to assist with anything to do with weddings.



WedHappy provides free wedding planning services that will leave both the bride and bride groom satisfied. This app can be synchronized with social media apps such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest to enable you to share the photos directly with your friends.  You can also schedule events whereby in each event, there will be a timer and reminder for you to meet the deadline. The reminder will ensure that everything is in order before the wedding date.


If you are not only looking for a wedding website builder but more conventional ones that can build websites for yourself or your business, you are always recommended to visit and there you can find detailed and professional review and comparison from experts to help make your decision.

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